West Bromwich Albion Quiz Questions and Answers

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FAQ of West Bromwich Albion FC

Why is West Bromwich Albion called Albion?

West Brom were originally formed as West Bromwich Strollers in 1878. Two years later, they changed their name to West Bromwich Albion. This was to mark the district of West Bromwich known as ‘Albion’. A number of the early players lived or worked in this Albion district.

What bird is on the West Brom badge?

The bird sitting on the West Brom badge is a Throstle. Also known as a song thrush, the idea came from Tom Smith, who was the secretary of the club in the late 1880s. A throstle sitting on a crossbar formed an early club badge, and it’s often said that the bird flew around the ground on match days.
West Brom badge

Why are West Bromwich Albion called The Baggies?

There are two possible explanations as to why West Brom are called The Baggies. One relates to the baggy shorts worn by early players. However, club historians suggest that it is due to the cloth bags used by gatemen to collect entrance fees. A fan yelled ‘here come the bag men’ and the name stuck.

Why is West Brom’s mascot a boiler?

In 2018, West Bromwich Albion signed a two-year sponsorship agreement with the British firm Ideal Boilers. As part of the deal, a mascot in the form of a combi boiler was used on match days. While it’s a logical extension of that sponsorship, Boiler Man is one of football’s most bizarre mascots.

Who are West Brom biggest rivals?

West Brom has fierce rivalries with Aston Villa known as the ‘West Midlands derby’ and Wolverhampton Wanderers which one is known as the ‘Black Country derby.’ These two rivalries are deeply ingrained in the history and culture of West Bromwich Albion

West Bromwich Albion Quiz Questions

  1. Among West Bromwich players, who has the most caps?
  2. Among West Bromwich players, who has the most caps?
  3. Do you know the nickname that West Bromwich is known by?
  4. From which club was Steve Watson signed by West Bromwich Albion?
  5. In the “Battle of Bramall Lane” in 2002, how many players were sent off during the match between Sheffield United and West Bromwich Albion?
  6. In the 2005-06 PL season, where did West Bromwich finish in the league?
  7. In the 2012/13 Premier League season, West Bromwich Albion secured a eigth-place finish. What was the point difference between them and the champions, Manchester United?
  8. In which season did West Bromwich Albion achieve their highest-ever points total in the Premier League?
  9. In which season did West Bromwich Albion first time win the Second Division (now EFL Championship) title?
  10. In which year did West Bromwich achieve their highest-ever finish in the old First Division (now Premier League) by coming in first place?
  11. In which year did West Bromwich Albion last reach the final of the EFL Cup (League Cup)?
  12. In which year did West Bromwich last win the Second Division title before the 2007-08 season?
  13. John Wile was signed by West Bromwich from which club?
  14. Neil Clement, signed by West Bromwich in 2000 from Brentford, represented which country?
  15. The number of EFL Cup titles West Bromwich Albion have won is what?
  16. What bird is the Albion bird?
  17. What is the name of the local derby between Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion?
  18. What year was West Bromwich formed?
  19. What’s the maximum number of spectators that can be accommodated in the West Bromwich stadium?
  20. When was the FA Community Shield last won by West Bromwich Albion?
  21. When was the FA Community Shield won for the first time by West Bromwich Albion?
  22. Which Scottish international defender played a crucial role in West Bromwich Albion’s defense during the late 1970s?
  23. Which West Bromwich Albion manager is known for his famous “Pulisball” style of play?
  24. Which West Bromwich Albion manager led the team to victory in the 1966 Football League Cup Final?
  25. Which West Bromwich Albion player famously scored the winning goal in the last minute of extra time against Bristol City in the 1968 FA Cup Final?
  26. Which club did Neil Clement come from before joining West Bromwich Albion?
  27. Which club did West Bromwich Albion defeat in the semi-finals on their way to winning the 1968 FA Cup?
  28. Which club did West Bromwich Albion face in their first-ever FA Cup Final in 1886?
  29. Which country did West Bromwich Albion’s former goalkeeper, Ben Foster, represent in international football?
  30. Which former West Bromwich Albion striker was nicknamed “The King”?
  31. Which player scored the most goals for West Bromwich Albion in the 2016-17 Premier League season?
  32. Which team was Joleon Lescott playing for before he joined West Brom?
  33. Who is the all-time top scorer in West Bromwich?
  34. Who scored West Bromwich Albion’s first-ever Premier League goal in 2002?
  35. Who scored West Bromwich Albion’s first-ever goal in the Premier League era?
  36. Who scored the winning goal for West Bromwich in the 1954 FA Cup Final against Preston North End?
  37. Who was the manager of West Bromwich throughout the period from 2000 to 2004?
  38. Who was the top goalscorer for West Bromwich in the 2018-19 Championship season?