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FAQ of Sheffield United FC

Is Sheffield United Catholic or Protestant?

Sheffield United have no religious affiliation in the present day, and there doesn’t seem to have been a hint of any sectarian divide throughout the club’s history. Supporters of Sheffield United FC come from a broad cross-section of the city and they do not identify as Catholic or Protestant.

What are Sheffield United fans called?

Sheffield United fans will mostly refer to themselves as ‘Blades’ or, simply, ‘United’. There is no common derogatory term for supporters among rival fans, although they may be called ‘Pigs’ by followers of Sheffield Wednesday. Most commonly, United fans will be known as ‘Blades’.

What song do Sheffield United walk out to?

Sheffield United Football Club currently walk out to a song called Joker and the Thief by the band Wolfmother. The club has a number of unofficial anthems, the most famous of which is the Chip Butty Song which is sung to the tune of Annie’s Song by John Denver.

What is Sheffield United’s nickname?

Sheffield United’s official nickname is The Blades. Sheffield itself is commonly known as the Steel City due to the heavy steel production which has traditionally been associated with the area. In the vicinity of Sheffield United, cutlery has been produced and that’s how The Blades originated.

Who are Sheffield United’s rivals?

Sheffield United’s biggest rivals are Sheffield Wednesday. Two clubs in the same city will always produce a rivalry and this is no exception. Games between the two teams are known as Steel City Derbies. Sheffield United also have rivalries with Leeds United, Barnsley and Rotherham United.

How many times has Sheffield United won the Premier League?

Sheffield United have never won the Premier League, but they have won the top flight title in English football. Prior to the EPL, the First Division was the elite level in England and Sheffield United won the First Division Championship at the end of the 1897/98 season.

How many trophies have Sheffield United won?

Sheffield United have won eight major trophies in the club’s history. Along with that First Division title in 1898, they have also won the Second Division, the Third Division and the Fourth Division. Sheffield United have also won the FA Cup four times, in 1899, 1902, 1915 and 1925.

Sheffield United Quiz Questions

  1. How many points did Sheffield United accumulate during their debut Premier League season in 2019-20?
  2. How many stripes traditionally appear on Sheffield United’s home kit?
  3. How many times have Sheffield United won the FA Cup?
  4. In the “Battle of Bramall Lane” in 2002, how many players were sent off during the match between Sheffield United and West Bromwich Albion?
  5. In the 1925 FA Cup Final, who did Sheffield United defeat to win their fourth FA Cup trophy?
  6. In which year did Prince Abdullah bin Musa’ed become the majority owner of Sheffield United?
  7. Oli McBurnie made the move from Swansea City to Sheffield United in 2019. How much was his fee?
  8. What are Sheffield United fans called?
  9. What does the Latin phrase “Nunquam Dormio” on Sheffield United’s crest translate to in English?
  10. What is the capacity of the Sheffield United stadium?
  11. What is the capacity of the away section at Bramall Lane?
  12. What is the commonly used nickname for Sheffield United?
  13. What is the name of Sheffield United stadium?
  14. What is the name of the local rivalry between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday?
  15. What league position did Sheffield United finish in the 2019-20 PL season?
  16. What type of animal is Sheffield United’s mascot?
  17. What was Sheffield United’s biggest loss?
  18. What’s the name of the Sheffield United’ mascot?
  19. When Brian Deane scored Sheffield United’s first goal in the Premier League 1992/93 season, which team was on the receiving end?
  20. When did Sheffield United last achieve promotion from the Championship to the Premier League via automatic promotion?
  21. When was Sheffield United established?
  22. Which Sheffield United player has the most caps?
  23. Which company served as the shirt sponsor for Sheffield United’s 2021-22 Premier League season?
  24. Which famous cup final did Sheffield United reach in 1993, only to lose in a replay?
  25. Which manager guided Sheffield United to a top-half finish in their first Premier League season in 2019-20?
  26. Which manager guided Sheffield United to consecutive promotions from League One to the Premier League in 2017 and 2019?
  27. Which player netted the highest number of goals for Sheffield United?
  28. Who has never been the manager of Sheffield United?
  29. Who was Sheffield United’ opponent in the 1898–99 FA Cup final?
  30. Who was Sheffield United’s top scorer during the 2020-21 Premier League season?
  31. Who was the Sheffield United’s first manager in their history?
  32. Who was the top goal scorer for Sheffield United in the ‘2020-21 Premier League season’?
  33. Who won Sheffield United’s Player of the Season award for the 2019-20 Premier League campaign?