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Leeds United FC FAQ

What are Leeds United fans called?

Leeds fans mostly refer to themselves as ‘Whites’ or ‘United’. They may also be called the ‘Peacocks’ although this is rarer. This term relates to a pub close to the Elland Road ground known as the Old Peacock which gave the club one of its early, unofficial nicknames.

Who is Leeds’ biggest rival?

Leeds United’s biggest rivals are Manchester United. The rivalry is based on old county divisions with Leeds United based in Yorkshire and Manchester United across the Pennines in Lancashire. Games between the two teams are always bitter and hard fought.

Have Leeds ever won the FA Cup?

To date, Leeds United have won the FA Cup just once in their history. That victory came at the end of the 1971/72 season when a Mick Jones header secured a 1-0 win over Arsenal in the final. Leeds have also been FA Cup runners up in 1964/65, 1969/70 and 1972/73.

What is Leeds’ biggest league win?

Leeds United’s biggest league win was an 8-0 victory over Leicester City in April 1934. A crowd of 11,871 watched the game at Elland Road as four Leeds players each scored two goals. The men to score twice were Harry Duggan, Jack Mahon, Billy Furness and Joe Firth

Leeds United Trivia Questions

  1. During the period of 1919 to 1920, who served as the first manager of Leeds United?
  2. How many times have Leeds United won the EFL Cup?
  3. How many times have Leeds United won the FA Cup?
  4. How many times have Leeds United won the Premier League or English Football League?
  5. How many trophies has Leeds United won in total?
  6. In Leeds United history, who holds the record for the longest-serving manager?
  7. In the 1971-72 FA Cup final, which team faced Leeds United as their opponent?
  8. In the 1999–2000 PL season, where did Leeds United finish in the league?
  9. In the 2000-01 season, Mark Viduka was Leeds United’s top goal scorer. Which national side did he represent?
  10. In what year did Leeds United win the FA Charity Shield for the first time?
  11. In what year did Leeds United win the FA Charity Shield last time?
  12. In which of the following years Leeds United lost the FA Cup final?
  13. Jack Charlton holds the club’s all-time appearance record. How many games did he play for Leeds United?
  14. Leeds United finished the 1999/2000 Premier League season in third place. How many points were they behind winners Manchester United?
  15. Leeds United signed Diego Llorente in 2020 from Real Sociedad. Which country did he represent?
  16. Manchester United signed Rio Ferdinand in 2002 from Leeds United. Which country did he represent?
  17. What is Leeds United overall record victory?
  18. What is Leeds biggest League win?
  19. What is the commonly used nickname for Leeds United?
  20. What is the number of EFL Cup triumphs Leeds United achieved?
  21. What is the number of times Everton have won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup?
  22. What is the number of times Leeds United have won the European Cup?
  23. What is the number of times Leeds United have won the FA Community Shield?
  24. What year did Leeds United lift the League Cup?
  25. When did Leeds United last win the Premier League or English Football League?
  26. When was Leeds United established?
  27. Which Leeds United player has the most caps?
  28. Who can you think of that has never been in charge of Leeds United as the manager?
  29. Who is Leeds biggest rival?
  30. Who is in the picture? He played for Leeds United, Leicester City, Bolton Wanderers, and Everton, among others.
  31. Who played the most matches for Leeds United?
  32. Who scored the most goals for Leeds United?
  33. Who was the manager of Leeds United from 1988 to 1996?
  34. Who was the recipient of the FWA Footballer of the Year award from Leeds United for the 1964–65 season?
  35. Who was the top goal scorer for Leeds United in the ‘1998-99 Premier League season’?