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FAQ of EFL Cup

What is the EFL Cup?

The EFL Cup is a domestic cup competition played in England. It is contested by all 92 clubs in the top four divisions, from the Premiership, Championship, League One and League Two. The competition is played on a knockout basis from the early rounds right through to the final itself.

What is the origin of the EFL Cup?

The notion of a League Cup was first suggested by Sir Stanley Rous, who was the secretary of the Football Association in the early 1960s. It was intended as a consolation for those teams who had been knocked out of the FA Cup, and the first edition of the League Cup was held in 1960/61.

Who won the first League Cup?

Aston Villa won the first edition of the League Cup in 1961. The tournament featured 87 teams and Villa progressed through the opening rounds to meet Rotherham United in the final. That final was played over two legs and Aston Villa came through to win 3-2 on aggregate.

Who won the most EFL Cups?

By the end of the 2022/23 season, Liverpool FC had won the most EFL Cups. The club’s most recent success in 2021/22 means that Liverpool have now won nine trophies, one more than Manchester City who sit in second place. Liverpool’s first win was in the 1980/81 campaign.

How does the EFL cup work?

The EFL Cup begins with a series of opening rounds involving the lower ranked teams in the four divisions of the football league. They play each other in single knockout games and the winner progresses. The higher ranked teams get involved and the process continues until a winner is found.

Do away goals count in EFL Cup?

Currently, away goals do not count as double at any stage of the EFL Cup. The organisers of the competition previously had this system in place as a way of deciding games that were played over two legs. The practice of away goals counting double was, however, abandoned in 1999.

Does the EFL Cup go to penalties?

Penalties are currently used to decide the winner of EFL cup games. In earlier years, teams would go to replays, but that doesn’t happen now. If the two teams are level at the end of normal time, a penalty shoot out will take place, and this continues until a winner is found.

Does the EFL Cup have VAR?

VAR is only used in the EFL Cup during the semi final and final. Previously, the system had been trialled during the earlier rounds of the competition, but this proved to be impractical as VAR is traditionally only available at Premier League grounds, so it was abandoned.

How many subs are allowed in EFL Cup?

Currently, teams are allowed to make up to five substitutions during an EFL Cup match. These five subs can be made at three different time windows during the game. Additionally, if a team makes a substitution at half time, this will not count as one of the three time slots.

How many times have Liverpool won EFL Cup?

Liverpool have won the EFL Cup on nine previous occasions which is currently a record. Their first success came in 1980/81 when they beat Tottenham Hotspur in the final. Liverpool’s eight subsequent winning seasons runs through to 2022, when the final against Chelsea was decided on penalties.

Carabao Cup Quiz Questions Listed

  • How many EFL Cup championships does Blackburn Rovers have?
  • How many EFL Cup titles did Swansea City clinch?
  • How many EFL Cup triumphs Nottingham Forest has?
  • How many EFL Cup triumphs Sunderland has?
  • How many EFL Cup wins does Liverpool have?
  • How many times Norwich City lifted the EFL Cup?
  • How many times have Everton won the EFL Cup?
  • How many times have Leeds United won the EFL Cup?
  • How many times have Southampton won the EFL Cup?
  • How many times have Tottenham Hotspur won the EFL Cup?
  • In the 1975–76 season, Manchester City reached the EFL Cup final and won it. Which team did they face in the final?
  • In the 2020-21 season, Barnsley reached the third round of the EFL Cup. Which club knocked them out of the competition at this stage?
  • Sheffield Wednesday, how many EFL Cup championships do they have?
  • The EFL Cup has been won by Bolton Wanderers on how many occasions?
  • The EFL Cup has been won by Leicester City on how many occasions?
  • The number of EFL Cup titles West Bromwich Albion have won is what?
  • What is the number of EFL Cup triumphs Leeds United achieved?
  • What is the number of times Aston Villa have won the EFL Cup?
  • Which team has never won the EFL Cup (Carabao Cup)?