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Who was the first football club to have a badge?

It’s believed that Aston Villa were the first football club to have a badge. They are one of the earliest clubs in existence and, in 1886/87, they played with the City of Birmingham’s crest on their shirts when they won the FA Cup. Other teams followed Villa’s lead from this point.

Which football clubs have ships on their crest?

There are currently six English football clubs with ships on their crest. These are Plymouth Argyle, Tranmere Rovers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Grimsby Town and Barrow. Ships are usually used when teams are based on the coast or if the town has a link to shipbuilding.

What ship is on the Plymouth Argyle badge?

The ship that appears on the Plymouth Argyle badge is the Mayflower. This is the vessel that the pilgrims used when they travelled from Plymouth to find the new world in America. Plymouth Argyle are known as the Pilgrims because of this, and it’s fitting that the Mayflower appears on their badge.

Some of our Football Badge Quiz Questions

  1. In what year did Manchester United change their club badge from featuring a ship to the red devil?
  2. What animal is on the Watford FC badge?
  3. What is Birmingham City‘s motto that was printed on their badge until 1970?
  4. What is Tottenham Hotspur’s logo?
  5. What is on the Manchester United badge?
  6. What is on the Sheffield Wednesday badge?
  7. What kind of eagle is on the Crystal Palace crest?
  8. What type of bird is on the Cardiff City badge?
  9. What was on the Blackburn Rovers crest between 1875 and 1878?
  10. Which Latin motto is on the Blackburn Rovers’ badge?
  11. Which Latin motto is on the Everton’ badge?
  12. Which Latin motto is on the Sheffield Wednesday’ badge?
  13. Which club’s badge is in the picture?
  14. Which dragon is missing from the picture below?
  15. Which of the following symbols doesn’t contain Bury’s badge?
  16. Which team’s badge is in the picture?
  17. Which team’s crest has this motto: “Salubritas et Industria”, meaning “healthy and industrious”
  18. Who was the first football club to have a badge?