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FAQ of Blackburn Rovers

What is Blackburn Rovers’ nickname?

The Official nickname of Blackburn Rovers is The Riversiders. This is because the club’s stadium at Ewood Park is located close to the River Darwen. Occasionally, Blackburn may also be referred to as the Blue and Whites but ‘The Riversiders’ is the official nickname.

How many times did Blackburn Rovers win the Premier League/First Division?

Blackburn Rovers have won the top flight division of English football on three occasions. They won the First Division title in 1911/12 and repeated that success in the 1913/14 season. Blackburn went on to win the Premier League at the end of the 1994/95 campaign.

Who is Blackburn Rovers’ rival club?

Blackburn Rovers’ biggest rivals are Burnley Football Club. Both teams are based in Lancashire, and their close proximity has helped to build a natural rivalry. Games between the two teams are referred to as the East Lancashire Derby or the Cotton Mills Derby.

When did Blackburn Rovers leave the Premier League?

Blackburn Rovers were most recently relegated from the Premier League at the end of the 2011/12 season. The club finished 19th in the table, ahead of bottom side Wolverhampton Wanderers. Blackburn played 38 games in this campaign, picking up 31 points.

Latest Blackburn Rovers Trivia Questions

  1. Blackburn Rovers finished the 1993/1994 Premier League season in second place. How many points were they behind winners Manchester United?
  2. Blackburn Rovers participated in the Intertoto Cup in which year?
  3. Blackburn signed Andy Cole in 2001 from Manchester United. Which country did he represent?
  4. Blackburn Rovers won the Football League Cup in which year?
  5. Blackburn Rovers won the Full Members’ Cup in which year?
  6. Brad Friedel went to which club after leaving Blackburn Rovers?
  7. Derek Fazackerley holds the club’s all-time appearance record. How many games did he play for Blacburn Rovers?
  8. During the 1994-1995 Premier League season, Alan Shearer won the Golden Boot for being the top scorer. How many goals did he score that season?
  9. Ewood Park is the home stadium of Blackburn Rovers. When was it opened?
  10. How many Premier League goals did Alan Shearer score for Blackburn Rovers?
  11. How many people can the Blackburn Rovers stadium accommodate?
  12. How many times have Blackburn Rovers won the FA Cup?
  13. How many times have Blackburn Rovers won the Premier League or English Football League?
  14. In what year was the Blackburn Olympic football club formed?
  15. In which round did Blackburn Rovers exit the UEFA Champions League during the 1995-96 season?
  16. In which season did Blackburn Rovers win their first Second Division/Championship title?
  17. In which stadium did Blackburn Rovers win the 2001–02 Football League Cup Final?
  18. In which year did Blackburn Rovers last win the Premier League?
  19. The FA Community Shield has been won by Blackburn Rovers on how many occasions?
  20. What is the Blackburn Rovers mascot?
  21. What is the name of Blackburn Rovers stadium?
  22. What is the name of Blackburn Rovers’s official mascot?
  23. What is the nickname of Blackburn Rovers?
  24. What league position did Blackburn Rovers finish in the 1994-95 PL season?
  25. What was on the Blackburn Rovers crest between 1875 and 1878?
  26. What year was Blackburn Rovers formed?
  27. When did Blackburn Rovers last win the Premier League or English Football League?
  28. Which Blackburn Rovers player has the most caps?
  29. Which Blackburn player won the Premier League Golden Boot in the 1994-95 season?
  30. Which Latin motto is on the Blackburn Rovers’ badge?
  31. Which club did Blackburn Rovers defeat in the 1994-95 Premier League title-decider?
  32. Which manager guided Blackburn Rovers to their first FA Cup victory in 1883–84?
  33. Which player from Blackburn Rovers was chosen as the FWA Footballer of the Year for the 1993–94 season?
  34. Which player netted the highest number of goals for Blackburn Rovers?
  35. Which player scored the winning goal in the 2001-02 Football League Cup final for Blackburn Rovers?
  36. Which player was famously known as the “SAS” strike partnership alongside Alan Shearer at Blackburn Rovers?
  37. Which year saw Blackburn Rovers as the winners of the FA Community Shield?
  38. Who did Alan Shearer play for before joining Blackburn Rovers?
  39. Who is Blackburn Rovers main rival club?
  40. Who managed Blackburn Rovers during their Premier League-winning season in 1994-95?
  41. Who was Blackburn Rovers’ opponent in the 1889–90 FA Cup final?
  42. Who was the captain of Blackburn Rovers during their Premier League-winning season in 1994-95?
  43. Who was the manager of Blackburn Rovers from 2017 to 2022?