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FAQ of Burnley FC

Who owns Burnley FC?

Burnley are owned by an American company called ALK Capital LLC. The company deals with investments for Fortune 100 organisations, and it took over the club in December 2020. The head of ALK Capital is Alan Pace who is also the current chairman of Burnley Football Club.

When was Burnley FC founded?

Burnley FC were founded in May 1882. They were formed by members of the Burnley Rovers rugby team who wanted the club to change its code to association football. The club became one of the original 12 founding members of the Football League when it was incepted in 1888.

What is Burnley's nickname?

Burnley’s official nickname is The Clarets. This is because the dominant colour of their kit is a shade of claret. The club has changed their designs in the past, before adopting a claret and blue combination in 1910/11. It’s said that this was done in honour of league champions Aston Villa.

What are Burnley fans called?

Burnley fans go by a number of different names. The supporters may refer to themselves as Turfites due to their former home at Turf Moor. They may also be referred to as the Clarets which is the club’s official nickname. Rival clubs may call Burnley fans ‘The Dingles’.

What are Burnley FC's colours?

Burnley FC’s current club colours are claret shirts with light blue sleeves, plus white shorts and white socks. Claret has been a regular part of the team kit since the 1910/11 season. It was originally adopted at the start of that campaign, and it gives Burnley their nickname of The Clarets.

Who is Burnley’s main rival?

Burnley FC’s biggest rivals are Blackburn Rovers. The two teams are close to each other geographically, and games between them are referred to as East Lancashire derbies. This is one of the more bitter rivalries in football and those derbies are often played in a hostile atmosphere.

Is Burnley fc a catholic club?

Burnley Football Club has no religious affiliation. Their supporters come from a range of different backgrounds and cultures and they have a wide range of religious beliefs. Therefore, we cannot say that Burnley is definitively a Catholic football club.

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