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FAQ of Coventry City

Was Coventry City ever in the Premier League?

Coventry City were original members of the Premier League when it was founded in 1992/93. At that point, the club had been in the top flight of English football since the 1967/68 season. Coventry remained in the Premier League until they were relegated at the end of the 2000/01 campaign.

Who are Coventry’s biggest rivals?

Coventry have rivalries with many local clubs, although the biggest of these is with Leicester City. Games between the two sides are referred to as the M69 Derby. Other local rival teams include Aston Villa and Birmingham City. There is a more long-distance rivalry with Sunderland.

What is the nickname of Coventry City?

Coventry City have been called the Sky Blues since 1961. This was the year that Jimmy Hill became manager and the club changed to a sky blue kit. Prior to that, Coventry were often referred to as The Singers. They were formed in 1883 as Singers FC and named after the Singer Company.

List of our Coventry City Quiz Questions

  1. What is the capacity of the Coventry City stadium?
  2. What is the founding year of Coventry City?
  3. What is the name of Coventry City stadium?
  4. What is the nickname of Coventry City?
  5. What league position did Coventry City finish in the 1994-95 PL season?
  6. What league position did Coventry City finish in the 1997-98 PL season?
  7. What was Coventry City stadium’s old name?
  8. What was Coventry City’s biggest loss?
  9. Which Coventry City player has the most caps?
  10. Which league did Coventry City FC play in during the 2020/21 season?
  11. Which team is considered Coventry City FC main rival?
  12. Which year did Coventry City FC win the FA Cup?
  13. Who has never been the manager of Coventry City?
  14. Who is the Coventry City’s all-time leading goal scorer?
  15. Who is the all-time leading goalscorer for Coventry City FC?
  16. Who was Coventry City’ opponent in the 1986-87 FA Cup final?
  17. Who was the opponent when John Williams netted Coventry City’s first-ever Premier League goal in 1992/93?
  18. Who was the top goal scorer for Coventry City in the ‘1992-93 Premier League season’?