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FAQ of Birmingham City

Who are Birmingham City FC’s rivals?

Birmingham City’s biggest rivals are Aston Villa and games between these two sides are always played in a hostile atmosphere. Those matches are known as Second City Derbies. Birmingham also have fierce rivalries with West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

What is Birmingham City’s biggest win?

Birmingham City have won three games by an identical scoreline of 12-0. All of these matches came in the early years of their formation when they were known as Small Heath. The games were against Nottingham Forest in 1889, Walsall Town Swifts in 1892 and Doncaster Rovers in 1903.

When was Birmingham City FC founded?

Birmingham City were founded in 1875 and the original name of the club was Small Heath Alliance. They turned professional in 1885 and became the first football club to become a limited company with directors. Small Heath changed their name to Birmingham City in 1905.

Who owns Birmingham City FC?

The majority shareholder at Birmingham City FC is Shelby Companies Ltd. The organisation is a subsidiary of the Knighthead Annuity and Life Assurance Company. All of this is managed by the American financier Tom Wagner who is widely acknowledged as the owner of the club..

Is Birmingham City FC a Catholic club?

Birmingham City fans do not have any particular religious affiliations, so they cannot be considered as a Catholic club, Historically, there has been no religious divide across the city of Birmingham, and supporters of the club come from a mix of cultures and backgrounds.

New Birmingham City Quiz Questions

  1. Birmingham City’s highest attendance in 1939 at St. Andrew’s Stadium was recorded in a match against which club?
  2. During the 2009-10 season, Birmingham City achieved their highest Premier League finish. What position did they end up in?
  3. During the 2010-11 League Cup campaign, Birmingham City knocked out which Premier League club in the semi-finals to reach the final?
  4. Emile Heskey was signed by Birmingham City from which club for a €9.32 million fee?
  5. From 1970 to 1975, who managed Birmingham City?
  6. How many fans can Birmingham City (St. Andrew’s) stadium hold?
  7. How many times have Birmingham City won the Championship?
  8. In 2019, Birmingham City faced a points deduction due to breaching the EFL’s financial rules. How many points were deducted?
  9. In Birmingham City history, who holds the record for the longest-serving manager?
  10. In the 2003-04 season, Mikael Forssell was Birmingham City’s top goal scorer. Which national side did he represent?
  11. In the 2011 League Cup final, who did Birmingham City defeat to win the trophy?
  12. In which year did Birmingham City win the Football League Trophy (EFL Trophy) for the first time?
  13. True or False? Aston Villa’s historic local rivals are Birmingham City, and their matches are known as the Second City Derby.
  14. What is Birmingham City’s motto that was printed on their badge until 1970?
  15. What is the nickname of Birmingham City?
  16. What name does the Birmingham City stadium go by?
  17. Which English city is the official twinning partner of Birmingham City?
  18. Which celebrity is known to be a supporter of Birmingham City?
  19. Which club did Birmingham City sign Emile Heskey from in 2004?
  20. Which country is Birmingham City’s signing, Nikola Zigic, from?
  21. Which famous manager led Birmingham City to the 1956 FA Cup final?
  22. Which former Birmingham City manager is also known as “Big Eck”?
  23. Which former Birmingham City player is known as “Super Kevin”?
  24. Which former Birmingham City striker won the Golden Boot in the 1999-00 Premier League season?
  25. Which manager had two separate stints at Birmingham City, leading them to the League Cup victory in 2011?
  26. Who has not managed Birmingham City?
  27. Who is Birmingham City’s all-time leading scorer in the FA Cup?
  28. Who is the Birmingham City’s all-time leading goal scorer?
  29. Who scored Birmingham City’s equalizing goal in the 2001 League Cup final against Liverpool?
  30. Who scored the winning goal for Birmingham City in the 2011 League Cup final against Arsenal?
  31. Who was Birmingham City’s manager when they won the League Cup in 1963?
  32. Who was the manager of Birmingham City when they won the EFL Trophy in 1991?
  33. Who was the opponent of Birmingham City in the 1930/31 FA Cup final?