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Is Liverpool FC Catholic or Protestant?

History suggests that Liverpool were a protestant team, but there is nothing official in regard to this. In keeping with the city as a whole, the supporters of Liverpool FC come from diverse cultures and religious groups, so there is no specific section that the club falls into.

What is Liverpool FC’s mascot?

Liverpool Football Club’s current mascot is known as Mighty Red. The character is depicted as a giant Liver Bird which is the emblem of the city. Mighty Red, as the name suggests, is all dressed in red, and wears a home Liverpool shirt to reflect the colours of the team.

Who is Liverpool’s oldest player of all time? (Including all Competitions?)

The oldest player to have appeared for Liverpool in a senior match was Elisha Scott. A goalkeeper, Scott was 40 years, four months and 24 days old when he played his final game for the club. Elisha Scott also holds the record as Liverpool’s longest serving player.

Who is Liverpool’s youngest player of all time? (Including all Competitions?)

Liverpool’s youngest player of all time is Jerome Sinclair. In a league cup tie against West Bromwich Albion in 2012, Sinclair came off the bench at the age of 16 years and 6 days to set a new club record. Sinclair made five first team appearances before being transferred to Watford in 2016.

Who has the most appearances for Liverpool FC?

The player with the most senior appearances for Liverpool FC is Ian Callaghan. A midfielder, Callaghan played in 847 games for the first team across all competitions. He made his first team debut for the club in 1960 and finished with his final game at the end of the 1977/78 season.

Why are Liverpool fans called Kopites?

Liverpool supporters are known as Kopites after a grandstand at their Anfield ground. Officially known as the Spion Kop, but frequently shortened to ‘the Kop’, this is the end where home fans usually watch the game. As fans based in the Kop, those supporters are known as Kopites.

Who is Liverpool’s all time leading goal scorer?

The leading goal scorer in Liverpool FC’s history is the striker Ian Rush. The Welsh International forward featured in 660 first team games for the club, scoring 346 goals, Rush enjoyed two spells at Liverpool from 1980 to 1987, and then again from 1988 to 1996.

Updated List of Liverpool Quiz Quiestions

  1. Who wore the number 5 shirt for Liverpool during the 2019-2020 Premier League season?
  2. What was the total number of appearances Michael Owen made for Liverpool?
  3. Which club did Michael Owen transfer to after leaving Liverpool in 2004?
  4. How many FA Cup trophies did Michael Owen win with Liverpool?
  5. What year did Michael Owen won the Ballon D’or?
  6. Who was Michael Owen’s strike partner during Pool’s treble-winning 2000-2001 season?
  7. In which season did Michael Owen win the Premier League Golden Boot?
  8. How many Premier League goals did Michael Owen score during his time at Liverpool?
  9. What year did Michael Owen make his debut for the Liverpool senior team?
  10. In which year was Steven Gerrard voted PFA Young Player of the Year?
  11. What was Steven Gerrard’s first squad number?
  12. In December 1999, against which team did Gerrard net his first goal for Liverpool?
  13. Who did Gerrard make his debut against in 1998?
  14. Steven Gerrard spent his entire club career at Liverpool, but there were rumors of a potential transfer at one point. Which club was he rumored to be considering a move to?
  15. In the 2006 FA Cup Final between Liverpool and West Ham United, Gerrard scored two crucial goals. What was the final score after extra time?
  16. Which manager was in charge of Liverpool when Steven Gerrard made his first-team debut for the club?
  17. In which year did Steven Gerrard score a last-minute goal in the FA Cup Final against West Ham United?
  18. Barnsley’s historic victory over Liverpool in the FA Cup fifth round in the 2007-08 season came with a scoreline of:
  19. Against which team did Ian Rush score his debut goal for Liverpool on September 30, 1981?
  20. In what year did Ian Rush leave Liverpool and join Juventus?
  21. When did Ian Rush win the European Golden Boot?
  22. Who is the Liverpool’s all-time leading goal scorer?
  23. What was the total number of goals Ian Rush scored throughout his Liverpool career?
  24. Who is currently the all-time top goalscorer in the Merseyside Derby?
  25. What is the total number of goals Ian Rush has netted in Merseyside derbies?
  26. In Ian Rush’s final appearance for the club, which team did Liverpool go against?
  27. In which season did Ian Rush become the top goal scorer in the league?
  28. How many league titles did Ian Rush win at Liverpool?
  29. From which team did Liverpool sign Ian Rush in 1980?
  30. How many times have Liverpool won the FA Cup?
  31. Who scored Barnsley’s winning goal in the 1-0 victory over Liverpool in the 1997-98 Premier League season?
  32. Who did Liverpool sign James Milner from in 2015?
  33. Have Liverpool won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League and if so, how many times?
  34. Who did Liverpool beat 11:0 in the 1974-75 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup?
  35. What is the name of the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool?
  36. How many EFL Cup wins does Liverpool have?
  37. Liverpool signed Sadio Mané in 2016 from Southampton. Which country did he represent?
  38. Liverpool finished the 2018/2019 Premier League season in second place. How many points were they behind winners Manchester City?
  39. What is Liverpool FC mascot?
  40. What is the name of Liverpool stadium?
  41. What is the capacity of the Liverpool stadium?
  42. Liverpool signed Luis Suárez in 2011 from Ajax. What was the transfer fee?
  43. In the 2001-02 season, Michael Owen was Liverpool’s top goal scorer. Which national side did he represent?
  44. In 2015, who did Jürgen Klopp replace as manager of Liverpool?
  45. In 2010, who did Rafael Benítez replace as manager of Liverpool?
  46. From which club did Liverpool sign Mohamed Salah?
  47. What league position did Liverpool finish in the 1995-96 PL season?
  48. How many times has Liverpool FC won the English Premier League/First Division?
  49. Ian Callaghan holds the club’s all-time appearance record. How many games did he play for Liverpool?
  50. When did Liverpool last win the Premier League?
  51. Who founded Liverpool in 1892?
  52. How many players from Liverpool FC have won the Ballon d’Or?
  53. Who is Liverpool’s all-time leading goal scorer?
  54. How many Champions League (incl. formerly known European Cup) titles has Liverpool FC won?
  55. What is the nickname of Liverpool fans?
  56. Who was the Manager of Liverpool from 1974 to 1983?
  57. Who played the most matches for Liverpool?
  58. Who scored the most goals for Liverpool?
  59. Who was the top goal scorer for Liverpool in the ‘1995-96 Premier League season’?
  60. Who is the longest-serving manager in Liverpool history?
  61. Who wasn’t ever the manager of Liverpool?
  62. Who did Liverpool play their first official match against in 1892?
  63. Which Liverpool player has the most caps?
  64. Who is the youngest Liverpool player to play in an FA Cup match?
  65. Mark Walters scored Liverpool’s first Premier League goal. Which opponent was it against?
  66. What was Liverpool’s biggest loss?
  67. Who is Liverpool’s biggest rival?
  68. What is Liverpool’s nickname?
  69. How many trophies has Liverpool won in total?
  70. What year was Liverpool founded?
  71. In what year did Aston Villa beat Liverpool 7-2?