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FAQ of Nottingham Forest

When was Nottingham Forest founded?

Nottingham Forest Football Club was founded in 1865. The formation came about when a local group of shinty players came together with the view of starting an association football team. The proposals were passed, and the club began from that point onwards.

Who owns Nottingham Forest?

Nottingham Forest are currently owned by Evangelos Marinakis. He comes from a family of Greek shipowners and he is in the shipping trade himself. Additionally, Marinakis is a media mogul, and he is the president of the Greek football club Olympiacos Piraeus.

Who are the biggest rivals of Nottingham Forest?

Derby County are the biggest rivals of Nottingham Forest. The club are close geographically, and there has been tension between the teams since former Derby manager Brian Clough took charge of Forest in 1975. Clough took a number of Derby players with him to his new club.

Why are Nottingham Forest called Forest?

The word ‘Forest’ is used in the club name because the team used to play their games at the Forest recreation ground in Nottingham. The city is also synonymous with Robin Hood and his legendary band of men who were based in Sherwood Forest, so the name is a good all-round fit.

What are Nottingham Forest fans called?

Nottingham Forest fans will typically just refer to themselves as ‘Forest’. Among opposing supporters of local clubs, the derogatory term of ‘scabs’ may be heard, and this originates from tensions arising from the miners’ strikes in the local area in the mid-1980s.

Why do Nottingham Forest sing Mull of Kintyre?

The song Mull of Kintyre was released by the band Wings in 1977, and it coincided with the start of Nottingham Forest’s most successful period. As a popular song of the time, Forest fans adopted it, and they changed a number of the lyrics to fit in with the football club and its location.

How many UCL’s has Nottingham Forest won?

Nottingham Forest won the European Cup, the forerunner of the Champions League, on two separate occasions. The first success came in 1979 when Forest beat the Swedish side Malmo in the final. In 1980, Nottingham Forest beat Hamburg in the final to successfully defend their trophy.

Nottingham Forest Quiz Questions

  1. At what time was Nottingham Forest’s ‘The City Ground’ stadium constructed?
  2. From 1912 to 1925, who managed Nottingham Forest?
  3. How many EFL Cup triumphs Nottingham Forest has?
  4. How many UEFA Super Cup has Nottingham Forest won?
  5. How many times have Nottingham Forest won the Championship?
  6. How many times have Nottingham Forest won the Premier League or English Football League?
  7. What year was Nottingham Forest founded?
  8. When did Nottingham Forest last win the Premier League or English Football League?
  9. Who is the longest-serving manager in Nottingham Forest history?
  10. Who was the opponent of Nottingham Forest in the 1897/98 FA Cup final?