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Why is Arsenal FC Called Arsenal?

Arsenal were originally named Dial Square, but they changed their name to Royal Arsenal after the munitions factory in Woolwich where team members worked. After a further change to Woolwich Arsenal, the club finally settled on ‘Arsenal’ at the end of 1915.

Is Arsenal FC a Catholic or Protestant Club?

There is nothing official to confirm whether Arsenal FC are a Catholic or a Protestant football club. Unlike some other sides, they are not known for having any particular kind of religious affiliation, but their base and history suggests that the majority of fans may be protestant.

When did Arsenal FC move from Woolwich?

Arsenal moved from their Woolwich base at the start of the 1913/14 English season. They had played south of the River Thames since the club’s formation, but the move saw them switch to North London as they took up occupancy of their new Highbury stadium.

Have Arsenal FC ever been Relegated from the Premier League?

Since the English Premier League was formed at the start of the 1992/93 season, Arsenal have never been relegated. The last time that the club were relegated from the top flight of English football was at the end of the 1912/13 season and they were promoted back six years later.

How many Trophies has Arsenal won in Total?

Arsenal have won 48 major trophies in their history. Up to the end of the 2022/23 English domestic football season, the club has won 13 top flight English league titles, plus wins in the FA Cup Charity Shield, the EFL Cup, the Centenary Trophy, the Fairs Cup and the European Cup Winners Cup.

Who is Arsenal's biggest rival?

Tottenham Hotspur, commonly known as Spurs, is Arsenal’s biggest rival. The North London Derby between the two teams is fiercely contested and highly anticipated. The rivalry dates back over a century and is fueled by geographical proximity, historical clashes, and the competitive nature of matches between the two clubs.

Facts about Arsenal FC

  • The first ever football match to be broadcast on the radio was Arsenal vs. Sheffield United on January 22, 1927.
  • Arsenal made history in 1893 as the first southern team to join the football league.
  • Wengerball refers to the style of football implemented by former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger. It is characterized by attractive, possession-based play, fluid passing, technical skill, and a commitment to attacking football. It emphasizes creativity, teamwork, and an expansive approach to the game.
  • The club’s official motto is “Victoria Concordia Crescit,” which translates to “Victory Through Harmony” in Latin.

Some of our Arsenal Quiz Questions

  1. Arsenal finished the 2022/2023 Premier League season in second place. How many points were they behind winners Manchester City?
  2. Arsenal signed Marc Overmars in 1997 from Ajax. Which country did he represent?
  3. David O’Leary holds the club’s all-time appearance record. How many games did he play for Arsenal?
  4. Dennis Bergkamp won the PFA Players’ Player of the Year
  5. During his Arsenal career, how many FA Cup titles did Dennis Bergkamp win?
  6. During his time at Arsenal, Thierry Henry famously wore which shirt number?
  7. From which club did Arsenal sign Dennis Bergkamp?
  8. From which club did Arsenal sign Thierry Henry?
  9. How many Premier League titles did Thierry Henry win with Arsenal?
  10. How many times did Thierry Henry win the Premier League Golden Boot award for being the top scorer?
  11. How many times have The Gunners won the FA Cup?
  12. How many times have Arsenal won the Premier League or English Football League?
  13. How many trophies has Arsenal won in total?
  14. In 1986, who did George Graham replace as manager of Arsenal?
  15. In the 1993-94 season, Ian Wright was Arsenal’s top goal scorer. Which national side did he represent?
  16. In the 2017 FA Cup final, Arsenal defeated which team to claim the title?
  17. In which season did Arsenal complete an unbeaten one?
  18. In which season did Thierry Henry surpass Ian Wright to become Arsenal’s all-time leading goal scorer?
  19. In which year did Dennis Bergkamp win the FWA Footballer of the Year award while playing for Arsenal?
  20. Steve Bould scored Arsenal’s first Premier League goal. Which opponent was it against?
  21. Thierry Henry won the PFA Players’ Player of the Year award in which two consecutive seasons?
  22. True or False? Thierry Henry is the all-time leading goal scorer for Arsenal FC.
  23. What are The Gunners fans called?
  24. What is Arsenal’s biggest victory of all time?
  25. What is Arsenal’s nickname?
  26. What is the Latin motto of Arsenal?
  27. What is the capacity of the Arsenal stadium?
  28. What is the name of Arsenal stadium?
  29. What is the nickname often associated with Dennis Bergkamp’s playing style?
  30. What is the number of times Arsenal have won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League?
  31. What is the number of times Arsenal have won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup?
  32. What league position did Arsenal finish in the 1993-94 PL season?
  33. What was The Gunners stadium’s old name?
  34. What was Arsenal’s biggest loss?
  35. What was Dennis Bergkamp’s squad number during his time at Arsenal?
  36. What was the total number of goals scored by Dennis Bergkamp in the Premier League during his time at Arsenal?
  37. What year did Dennis Bergkamp join Arsenal?
  38. What year was Arsenal founded?
  39. When did Arsenal wn the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup?
  40. When did the Arsenal’s mascot Gunnersaurus Rex make his first appearance?
  41. Which Arsenal player has the most caps?
  42. Which manager signed Dennis Bergkamp for Arsenal in 1995?
  43. Which player was famously associated with the number 14 jersey for Arsenal from 1999 to 2007?
  44. Who did Arsenal beat 12:0?
  45. Who did Arsenal play their first official match against in 1893?
  46. Who donned the number 9 shirt for Arsenal during the 2019–2020 Premier League season?
  47. Who founded Arsenal in 1886?
  48. Who is Arsenal’s biggest rival?
  49. Who is the longest-serving manager in Arsenal history?
  50. Who is the oldest Arsenal player of all time to play (in any competition)?
  51. Who is the player who has only played for Arsenal?
  52. Who is the youngest captain of Arsenal?
  53. Who played the most matches for Arsenal?
  54. Who scored the most goals for Arsenal?
  55. Who scored the winning goal for Birmingham City in the 2011 League Cup final against Arsenal?
  56. Who was the top goal scorer for Arsenal in the ‘1994-95 Premier League season’?
  57. Who wasn’t ever the manager of Arsenal?