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Test Your Chelsea Knowledge before Starting the Quiz

When was Chelsea Football Club founded?

Chelsea FC was officially founded in 1905. A year earlier, businessman Gus Mears acquired the Stamford Bridge athletics ground with a view of changing its use. After Fulham FC declined to occupy the new football stadium, Mears started his own club and Chelsea was born.

Why are Chelsea FC called the Pensioners?

Until 1955, all army pensions were dealt with by the Royal Hospital at Chelsea. All army pensioners at that time were commonly known as Chelsea pensioners. An early version of the Chelsea football badge featured an army pensioner and that’s how the club got their nickname.

Where is Chelsea located in London?

Chelsea Football Club are located in West London in the capital’s Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The club plays all of their home games at the historic Stamford Bridge Stadium which is actually situated in Fulham and carries a London postcode of SW6.

Why is the Chelsea ground called Stamford Bridge?

The name Stamford Bridge is said to be derived from the word Samfordesbrigge which means the bridge at the sandy ford. Early maps show a creek in the area while there is a local bridge on the Fulham Road which is known as Stamford Bridge. Chelsea’s ground uses the name of these two landmarks.

Short Facts about Chelsea

  • Owner: Chelsea FC is owned by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire businessman. Abramovich bought the club in 2003 and has invested heavily in its success.

Chelsea FC Quiz Questions Listed

  1. Chelsea finished the 2010/2011 Premier League season in second place. How many points were they behind winners Manchester United?
  2. Chelsea signed Christian Pulisic in 2019 from Borussia Dortmund. Which country did he represent?
  3. During his time at Chelsea, which number did Frank Lampard typically wear in the Premier League?
  4. Frank Lampard held the record for the most goals scored by a midfielder in a single PL season. How many goals did he score to achieve this record?
  5. From which club did Chelsea sign Didier Drogba?
  6. From which club did Chelsea sign Petr Čech?
  7. How many Premier League titles did Frank Lampard win with Chelsea during his playing career?
  8. How many Premier League titles did John Terry win with Chelsea?
  9. How many goals does John Terry have for Chelsea?
  10. How many times have Chelsea won the Premier League?
  11. How many times have Chelsea won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup?
  12. How many trophies has Chelsea won in total?
  13. In the 2008-09 season, Nicolas Anelka was Chelsea’s top goal scorer. Which national side did he represent?
  14. In the history of the European Cup/UEFA Champions League, how many victories does Chelsea have?
  15. In which season did Chelsea achieve their historic Premier League record of 95 points under John Terry’s captaincy?
  16. In which year Chelsea first time won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup?
  17. In which year did Chelsea win their first FA Cup title?
  18. In which year did Chelsea win their first UEFA Champions League?
  19. In which year did Frank Lampard join Chelsea FC?
  20. In which year did John Terry make his first-team debut for Chelsea?
  21. John Terry spent a brief loan period at which English club early in his career before establishing himself as a Chelsea legend?
  22. Mick Harford scored Chelsea’s first Premier League goal. Which opponent was it against?
  23. Ron Harris holds the club’s all-time appearance record. How many games did he play for Chelsea?
  24. What is Chelsea’s nickname?
  25. What is Frank Lampard’s all-time top goal-scoring record for Chelsea in all competitions?
  26. What is the capacity of the Stamford Bridge?
  27. What is the name of Chelsea stadium?
  28. What league position did Chelsea finish in the 1998-99 PL season?
  29. What position did John Terry primarily play during his Chelsea career?
  30. What was the total number of appearances John Terry made for Chelsea in all competitions?
  31. What year was Chelsea founded?
  32. When did Chelsea last win the Premier League?
  33. When did Chelsea win the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup last time?
  34. Which Chelsea player has the most caps?
  35. Which Chelsea player has the most international caps?
  36. Which club did Frank Lampard join after leaving Chelsea?
  37. Which number did Didier Drogba wear for Chelsea between 2006–2007 and 2011–2012?
  38. Which player scored a memorable “last-minute” equalizer for Sunderland AFC against Chelsea in the 1992 FA Cup sixth round, securing a replay?
  39. Which team did Chelsea face in 2004-05 League Cup Final?
  40. Who did Chelsea beat 13:0 in the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1971?
  41. Who did Chelsea play their first match at Stamford Bridge against in 1905?
  42. Who founded Chelsea F.C.?
  43. Who is the longest-serving manager in Chelsea history?
  44. Who is the oldest Chelsea player to play in an FA Cup match?
  45. Who is the youngest Chelsea player to play in an FA Cup match?
  46. Who is the youngest captain of Chelsea?
  47. Who played the most matches for Chelsea?
  48. Who scored the most goals for Chelsea?
  49. Who succeeded John Terry as the Chelsea captain when he left the club?
  50. Who was the top goal scorer for Chelsea in the ‘2001-02 Premier League season’?
  51. Who wasn’t ever the manager of Chelsea?