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FAQ about Sunderland AFC

Why are Sunderland AFC called the Black Cats?

The official version from the club is that the term Black Cats was named after the Black Cat Battery, a gun battery on the River Wear. Sunderland used a black cat as an early crest and, when the club moved from Roker Park in 1997, ‘Black Cats’ was voted in as an official nickname.

Has Sunderland ever played in the Premier League?

Sunderland have played in the Premier League. They were first promoted to the division for the start of the 1996/97 season but were subsequently relegated at the end of that campaign. In total, the club has had four different spells in the EPL and last played here in 2016/17.

What is Sunderland’s biggest loss?

Sunderland has lost four games by an 8-0 scoreline and these matches therefore hold the joint record for the club’s biggest defeat. The four games in question were against Sheffield Wednesday in 1911, West Ham United in 1968, Watford in 1982 and Southampton in 2014.

Who are Sunderland’s rivals?

Sunderland’s biggest rivals are Newcastle United. The clubs are close geographically and games between the two sides are referred to as the Tyne-Wear Derby. Sunderland also have a rivalry with Middlesbrough who are also close by and these matches are known as the Tees-Wear Derby.

Latest Sunderland Trivia Quiestions

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  5. What is the founding year of Sunderland?
  6. What is the name of Sunderland stadium?
  7. What league position did Sunderland finish in the 2001-02 PL season?
  8. What was Sunderland stadium’s old name?
  9. When did Sunderland last win the Premier League or English Football League?
  10. Which Sunderland managers have lasted the longest?
  11. Which Sunderland player has the most caps?
  12. Which of these players came from Sunderland to Tottenham?
  13. Who was Sunderland’ opponent in the 1936-37 FA Cup final?
  14. Who was the manager of Sunderland from 1981 to 1984?