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FAQ of Burton Albion FC

Who is Burton Albion’s biggest rival?

Burton Albion have a number of local grudges, but their biggest rivals are likely to be Derby County. The teams are in relatively close proximity, but this seems to have arisen from the departure of Derby manager Nigel Clough to Burton, followed by a number of players, in 2009.

What is the nickname of Burton Albion?

The nickname of Burton Albion Football Club is The Brewers. This has been used across the club’s history and it is because of the large brewing heritage that can be found in the Burton area. The name ‘Brewers’ is also prominent in Burton Albion’s current official badge.

Who is the all-time leading goal scorer for Burton Albion?

Burton Albion’s all-time leading goal scorer is Richie Barker. The centre forward had two spells with the club, initially from 1960 to 1962 and then again from 1963 to 1967. In total, Barker made 270 senior appearances for Burton Albion, setting a club record of 159 goals.

What was the name of Burton Albion’s first stadium?

Burton Albion’s first official stadium was Eton Park which was opened in 1958. It had a capacity of 4,500 which was more than adequate for a non league club at the time. Burton needed bigger facilities when they joined the Football League, so they moved from Eton Park to the Pirelli Stadium in 2005.

Burton Albion Quiz Questions

  1. Before joining Burton Albion, Aaron Webster played for which club?
  2. Burton Albion acquired Nigel Clough from which club?
  3. In which year was Burton Albion F.C. founded?
  4. What is the commonly used nickname for Burton Albion?
  5. What is the name of Burton Albion’s mascot?
  6. What was Burton Albion stadium’s old name?
  7. What’s the maximum number of spectators that can be accommodated in the Burton Albion stadium?
  8. What’s the official name of the stadium associated with Burton Albion?
  9. Who is the all-time leading goal scorer for Burton Albion?
  10. Who is the manager with the longest reign in the history of Burton Albion?
  11. Who was responsible for managing Burton Albion from 1994 to 1998?