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FAQ of Bolton Wanderers

When were Bolton Wanderers founded?

Bolton Wanderers were founded in 1874. They were originally called Christ Church FC as part of a local church sports team in the area. They adopted the name ‘Bolton Wanderers’ in 1877 and the club was a founder member of the Football League when it began in 1888.

What is Bolton Wanderers’ nickname?

Bolton Wanderers are most commonly known as The Trotters. There are a number of theories on this, but the most reliable sources claim that Bolton fans liked a practical joke, and the colloquial name for this is Trotting. Bolton may also be called The Wanderers or The Whites.

What is the meaning of ‘Bolton Wanderers’?

Traditionally, teams that had no fixed ground in their early days of formation were known as wandering sides or ‘Wanderers’. This was the case with Bolton who once used three different grounds in four years. Because of this and their location, they came to be known as Bolton Wanderers.

What is Bolton Wanderers’ stadium called?

Due to sponsorship reasons, Bolton Wanderers’ ground is currently called the Toughsheet Community Stadium. In previous years, it’s been more commonly referred to as the Reebok. Bolton moved from their former Burnden Park ground to the new stadium in 1997.

Who are Bolton’s rivals?

Bolton Wanderers have traditionally been rivals of Blackburn Rovers and Preston North End. All three teams are based in the county of Lancashire and are separated by around 15 miles. The rivalries are also based on the fact that all three were founder members of the Football League.

Interesting Facts of Bolton Wanderers

  • Bolton Wanderers has won the FA Cup on four occasions, in 1923, 1926, 1929, and 1958. The 1923 victory is particularly noteworthy as it was the first FA Cup final to be held at Wembley Stadium.
  • Bolton has had its fair share of notable players. One of the most legendary is Nat Lofthouse, who spent his entire career at the club from 1946 to 1960. Lofthouse scored 255 goals in 452 appearances and is considered one of the greatest players in Bolton’s history.

Latest Bolton Wanderers Quiz Questions

  1. During their successful 2001-02 Premier League campaign, Bolton Wanderers finished in which position?
  2. How many times have Bolton Wanderers won the FA Community Shield?
  3. How many times have Bolton Wanderers won the Lancashire Senior Cup?
  4. In the 1958 FA Cup final, Bolton Wanderers faced Manchester United. Which Bolton player scored the winning goals?
  5. In the 2005-06 Premier League season, Bolton Wanderers had their best-ever league finish. Where did they finish in the table?
  6. In what years did Bolton Wanderers win the Football League War Cup?
  7. In which year did Bolton Wanderers last play in the Premier League?
  8. The EFL Cup has been won by Bolton Wanderers on how many occasions?
  9. The highest attendance in any FA Cup game at Wembley was in 1922–23. The official number is 126,047. Who was Bolton Wanderers’ opponent?
  10. What is the capacity of the Bolton Wanderers stadium?
  11. What is the commonly used nickname for Bolton Wanderers?
  12. What is the name of Bolton Wanderers stadium?
  13. What league position did Bolton Wanderers finish in the 2011-12 PL season?
  14. What was Bolton stadium’s old name?
  15. How many total appearances did Nat Lofthouse make for Bolton in all competitions?
  16. What was Bolton Wanderers’s biggest loss?
  17. When did Bolton Wanderers win the FA Community Shield?
  18. When was Bolton established?
  19. Which Bolton managers have lasted the longest?
  20. Which Bolton Wanderers player has the most caps?
  21. Which player won the FWA Footballer of the Year award for the 1952-53 season?
  22. Which Spanish midfielder joined Bolton in 2003?
  23. Which country is the former Bolton Wanderers player Youri Djorkaeff originally from?
  24. Which famous comedian and Bolton Wanderers fan is known for his passionate support of the club?
  25. Which former England manager also managed Bolton Wanderers?
  26. Which league did Bolton Wanderers compete in during the 2019-2020 season?
  27. Which player famously scored the winning goal for The Wanderers in the 1958 FA Cup Final?
  28. Who is in the picture? He played for Leeds United, Leicester City, Bolton Wanderers, and Everton, among others.
  29. Who is the all-time top scorer in The Trotters’s history?
  30. Who was Bolton Wanderers’ opponent in the 1957-58 FA Cup final?
  31. Who was the manager of Bolton Wanderers from 1974 to 1980?
  32. Who was the top scorer for Bolton Wanderers in the 2017-18 Championship season?
  33. Who wasn’t ever the manager of The Trotters?
  34. How many times have they won the FA Cup?