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FAQ of Tranmere Rovers

Who are Tranmere’s rivals?

Tranmere’s biggest rivals are local clubs who play in the lower divisions. The list includes Chester City, Wrexham, Forest Green and Bolton Wanderers. Tranmere are closer in proximity to Liverpool and Everton, but these are Premier League clubs, so a rivalry doesn’t exist.

When was Tranmere founded?

Tranmere Rovers were formed in 1884, and their original name was Belmont FC. The formation came as a result of a merger between the footballing side of two cricket clubs – Belmont and Lyndhurst Wanderers. A year later, in 1885, the football club adopted the name Tranmere Rovers.

What is the capacity of Tranmere Rovers’ stadium?

The official capacity of Tranmere Rovers’ Prenton Park Stadium is 16,567. This has reduced since the ground became an all-seater facility, and the record attendance of 24,424 was recorded in 1972. Tranmere have played their home games at Prenton Park since 1912.

Examples of Tranmere Trivia Questions

  1. Against which team did Tranmere Rovers play their first friendly match in 1888?
  2. Do you know the nickname that Tranmere Rovers is known by?
  3. In what year did Tranmere Rovers win their first-ever promotion to the Football League?
  4. In which year did Tranmere Rovers famously overturn a three-goal deficit to beat Southampton in the FA Cup 5th round?
  5. In which year did Tranmere Rovers return to the EFL after a brief period in non-league football?
  6. In which year did Tranmere Rovers secure their highest-ever league finish?
  7. Tranmere Rovers signed Gareth Roberts, but from which club?
  8. What division were Tranmere Rovers in when they were first elected to the Football League in 1921?
  9. What is the capacity of the Tranmere Rovers stadium?
  10. What is the highest round that Tranmere Rovers have ever reached in the FA Cup?
  11. What is the name of Tranmere Rovers stadium?
  12. What is the name of Tranmere Rovers’ women’s football team?
  13. What is the nickname of Tranmere Rovers supporters?
  14. What is the official supporters’ club of Tranmere Rovers?
  15. What is the record for the highest attendance at Prenton Park?
  16. What was Tranmere Rovers previous name?
  17. What was Tranmere Rovers’s biggest loss?
  18. When was Tranmere Rovers founded?
  19. Which Scottish manager took charge of Tranmere Rovers during the 2019-2020 season?
  20. Which Tranmere Rovers player has the most caps?
  21. Which club did Tranmere Rovers sign Chris Greenacre from?
  22. Which player holds the record for the most goals in a single season for Tranmere Rovers?
  23. Who held the position of manager at Tranmere Rovers between 1987 and 1996?
  24. Who is the Tranmere Rovers’s all-time leading goal scorer?
  25. Who scored Tranmere Rovers’ only goal in their 2000 Football League Cup final against Leicester City?
  26. Who scored the winning goal for Tranmere Rovers in their famous League Division Two victory over Newcastle United in 1991?
  27. Who was Tranmere Rovers’ captain during their 2000 Football League Cup final appearance?
  28. Who was Tranmere Rovers’s shirt sponsor between 2013 and 2015?
  29. Who was the top scorer for Tranmere Rovers in the 2003-04 season when they reached the FA Cup quarter-finals?
  30. Who wasn’t ever the manager of Tranmere Rovers?