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FAQ of Bradford City

When was Bradford City founded?

Bradford City Association Football Club were founded in 1903. The club were formed following a series of meetings between a rugby league side known as Manningham FC and the local Bradford Observer newspaper. A football club was needed in the area and Bradford City were born.

How many trophies do Bradford City have?

Bradford City have claimed two major trophies in their history. In 1907/08, they won the Second Division Championship. Three years later, in 1911, the club won the FA Cup. Bradford City have also won some minor competitions including the Third Division North Challenge Cup and the West Riding Cup.

Why are Bradford City called the Bantams?

Bradford City’s claret and amber team colours were likened to the plumage of a bantam. These birds are widely known to be fearless creatures who rarely take a backward step, so this was seen as an ideal nickname. Bradford may also be known as the Paraders and the Citizens.

When was the Bradford City fire?

The Bradford City Stadium fire took place on Saturday May 11th, 1985. Bradford were playing a home game against Lincoln City when flames started to emerge from the main stand. Sadly, this would escalate to become one of the most devastating football disasters as 56 people lost their lives.

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  5. What is Billy Bantam the mascot of Bradford City?
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  11. Who was the first manager of Bradford City from 1903 to 1905?