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FAQ of Leicester City

When was Brentford FC founded?

Brentford Football Club were founded in 1889. A number of local sportsmen had been looking to form football and rugby teams in the town and this was their most successful attempt. Brentford were an amateur side at first, and joined the London League in 1896 before progressing to the Southern League.

Why are Brentford FC called The Bees?

Brentford’s original nickname was the B’s, as in B for Brentford. In early matches, supporters were heard to chant encouragement such as ‘Come on you B’s’ It’s said that a local press reported mistakenly printed this as Bees and the new nickname was adopted from this point.

Who are Brentford’s rivals?

Brentford’s biggest rivals in football are Fulham FC and Queens Park Rangers. This is based largely on geographical location as all teams are situated close to each other in London. Games between any of those three teams are referred to as West London Derbies.

Why do Brentford FC fans sing Hey Jude?

The reason that Brentford fans sing Hey Jude is down to their stadium announcer. Peter Gilham would play the song for his girlfriend who was called Judy. It was played so often by Gilham that the supporters of the club began to adopt it, and the song has now become a Brentford anthem.

Latest Brentford Quiz Questions

  1. Do you know the nickname that Brentford is known by?
  2. During the years 1993 to 1997, who was the manager of Brentford?
  3. From which club did Brentford sign Ivan Toney?
  4. From which club did Brentford sign Kevin O’Connor?
  5. How many times have Brentford won the League Two?
  6. In which year was Brentford established?
  7. Neil Clement, signed by West Bromwich in 2000 from Brentford, represented which country?
  8. What color is predominantly featured in Brentford FC’s home kit?
  9. What was Brentford stadium’s old name?
  10. What was Brentford’s biggest loss?
  11. Which team is considered by fans to be Brentford FC’s main rival?
  12. Which year did Brentford FC gain promotion to the Premier League for the first time in their history?
  13. Who has not managed Brentford?
  14. Who is the all-time leading goalscorer for Brentford FC?
  15. Who was Brentford’s adversary in their inaugural official match in 1889?