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FAQ of Fulham FC

When was Fulham FC founded?

Fulham were founded in 1879. Their original name was Fulham St Andrews Church Sunday School FC and they were a part of the local Christian church in Kensington. At one point they became Fulham St Andrews and, from 1888, they have simply been called Fulham Football Club.

What is the nickname of Fulham?

Fulham Football Club’s official nickname is The Cottagers. This is because of their Craven Cottage stadium which has been the team’s home since 1896. On occasions, they may be referred to as the Whites or the Lilywhites, but the Cottagers is the official nickname.

Where is Fulham FC located?

The football club’s Craven Cottage home stadium is located in the area of Fulham which is part of the wider London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Fulham FC are situated in West London and the full address is, Stevenage Road, Fulham. London, SW6 6HH.

What is the Fulham FC walk out song?

Fulham’s players walk out to the song Palladio by Escala. It’s a very dramatic instrumental piece of music that could easily be used as a James Bond theme. It’s now used for every home game at Craven Cottage and, while it’s unclear why, the dramatic sound is a good match for elite football.

Is Fulham the oldest club in London?

Having been founded in 1879, Fulham FC are the oldest football club from London to be playing at a professional level. There are some non league teams who contest the claim but, in terms of the professional game, Fulham are the oldest football club in the capital.

Some of our Fulham FC Trivia Questions

  1. During the years 1972 to 1976, who was the manager of Fulham?
  2. From 2021 to 2024, who served as the manager of Fulham?
  3. From which club did Fulham sign Aleksandar Mitrović?
  4. From which club did Fulham sign Clint Dempsey?
  5. In Fulham history, who holds the record for the longest-serving manager?
  6. What is the commonly used nickname for Fulham?
  7. What is the number of times Fulham have won the FA Cup?
  8. What year was Fulham formed?
  9. Which Fulham player has the most caps?
  10. Who among them has never managed Fulham?
  11. Who played the most matches for Fulham?
  12. Who scored the most goals for Fulham?