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Swansea City FAQ

Have Swansea ever won the Premier League?

Swansea City have never won the Premier League and they did not win the old First Division Championship. Their highest top flight finish was sixth place in the 1981/82 season. In the Premier League era, Swansea’s best resturn saw them finish in eighth place in 2014/15.

Why is Swansea City in the English Football League?

When Swansea were formed, there was no organised Welsh football league. Therefore, if they wanted to play professionally at an elite level, they had to join the English set up. Swansea, along with other Welsh clubs, were eligible to play in England, and that remains the case to this day.

What is the name of Swansea’s Swan mascot?

Swansea City’s mascot is a giant swan and his name is Cyril. He’s an infamous character at games, and has experienced some notable run-ins with rival mascots. Cyril the Swan has been voted the best mascot by readers of BBC’s Match of the Day magazine, and he has a wife called Cybil.

Why are Swansea City fans called The Jacks?

There are two theories as to why Swansea fans are known as ‘Jacks’. One suggestion relates to a dog called Swansea Jack who rescued people from drowning in local waters in the 1930s. Another theory is that the name refers to local seamen who were widely known as Jack Tars.

Do Swansea City own their stadium?

Swansea City now have full control of their Liberty Stadium as part of a lease agreement with the local council. Documents were signed in 2018 to transfer that control over from the council to the football club. Swansea City have been playing home games at the Liberty Stadium since 2005.

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  12. Who has never been the manager of Swansea City?
  13. Who was in charge of Swansea City as the manager from 1948 to 1955?
  14. Who was the unfortunate team that Ashley Errol Williams scored against for Swansea City’s first goal in the Premier League 2011/12 season?