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FAQs of FA Cup

What is the FA Cup?

The FA Cup, formally known as the Football Association Challenge Cup, is a knockout competition in English domestic football. It is the oldest club knockout competition in the world, and it is played on an annual basis by clubs affiliated with the English Football Association.

When was the FA Cup founded?

The First edition of the FA Cup was held in in the 1871/72 season of English football. In that campaign, only 15 teams took part in the competition, and many current clubs did not exist. The final of the 1871/72 FA Cup was won by Wanderers who beat the Royal Engineers by one goal to nil.

Who invented the FA Cup?

The concept of an FA Cup was first proposed by a Mr C.W. Alcock, who was an author and editor working for the Sportsman newspaper. Alcock wrote to the Football Association suggesting that a Challenge Cup should be established in which all affiliated clubs could compete.

What is the quickest FA Cup goal?

The fastest goal in an FA Cup final was scored by Ilkay Gundogan for Manchester City against Manchester United in 2023. The player found the net for City after just 12 seconds. Gundogan went on to score a second goal as Manchester City won the game by a 2-1 scoreline.

What is the biggest FA Cup loss?

The biggest loss in an FA Cup tie is 0-26, which was suffered by Hyde against Preston North End in 1887. In FA Cup finals, the biggest losses are 0-6, by Derby County against Bury in 1903 and then again by Watford against Manchester City in the final of 2019.

Do FA Cup red cards count in the Premier League?

Under current rules, any red card received in the FA Cup means that a suspension applies across all domestic English competitions. This includes the Premier League so, if an EPL game immediately follows an FA Cup tie, a player receiving a red card in the FA Cup is suspended in the EPL.

How many rounds are in the FA Cup?

After a series of preliminary rounds to eliminate the weaker teams, there are eight rounds in the FA Cup. The teams in the top two divisions begin to compete from the third round onwards. Six initial rounds are played, and these are followed by the semi finals and the final itself.

What is the difference between the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup?

The FA Cup is open to all teams who are affiliated with the Football Association. This reaches right through the football pyramid and extends into many hundreds of non league clubs. In contrast, the Carabao Cup is contested by the 92 sides in the top four divisions of English football.

What is bigger, the FA Cup or the Carabao Cup?

The FA Cup is by far the bigger of the two competitions. There are far more teams taking part, and the FA Cup has a much longer history than the Carabao Cup. In previous years, winning the FA Cup also provided a pathway to a more prestigious place in European club competitions.

Some FA Cup Questions Listed

  1. The highest FA Cup game attendance at Villa Park was in 1946. The official number is 76,588. Who was Aston Villa’s opponent?
  2. Which team has never won the FA Cup?
  3. Who is the youngest Newcastle United player to play in an FA Cup match?
  4. Who is the youngest Chelsea player to play in an FA Cup match?
  5. In how many FA Cup finals has Leicester City taken part?
  6. In their previous FA Cup encounter with Forest in January 2012, who netted a hat-trick for the Foxes?
  7. Who scored the winning goal for Leicester in the 2021 FA Cup final against Chelsea?
  8. In the 1971-72 FA Cup final, which team faced Leeds United as their opponent?
  9. In which of the following years Leeds United lost the FA Cup final?
  10. Manchester City won their first-ever FA Cup in the 2010-2011 season. Who did they defeat in the final?
  11. Barnsley famously defeated which Premier League giant in the FA Cup in the 2007-2008 season to reach the semi-finals?
  12. During the 1980-81 season, Barnsley had a memorable run in the FA Cup, reaching the fifth round. Which team knocked them out of the competition?
  13. Which famous manager led Birmingham City to the 1956 FA Cup final?
  14. Who is Birmingham City’s all-time leading scorer in the FA Cup?
  15. Which club did Blackpool defeat in the 1953 FA Cup Final to lift the trophy?
  16. Which goalkeeper is known for his heroics in the 1953 FA Cup Final and is considered a Blackpool legend?
  17. Which Blackpool player scored a hat-trick in the 1953 FA Cup Final?
  18. What was Peterborough United’ finest display in the FA Cup?
  19. What is Swindon Town’ top achievement in the FA Cup?
  20. What is Millwall’ top achievement in the FA Cup?
  21. What was Doncaster Rovers’ finest display in the FA Cup?
  22. What was Rochdale’ finest display in the FA Cup?
  23. Who played against Portsmouth in the 1928/29 FA Cup final?
  24. Derby County faced which team in the 1902-03 FA Cup final?
  25. Who was the opponent of Birmingham City in the 1930/31 FA Cup final?
  26. In which year Barnsley won the FA Cup final?
  27. What is Barnsley’s record FA Cup victory?
  28. What is Barnsley’s record FA Cup defeat?
  29. What is Bury’s record FA Cup victory?
  30. What is the record FA Cup defeat Bury has experienced?
  31. In which year Charlton Athletic lost the FA Cup final?
  32. Who was Watford’ opponent in the 2018-19 FA Cup final?
  33. Who was Sheffield Wednesday’ opponent in the 1992-93 FA Cup final?
  34. Who scored the winning goal for the famous 1976 FA Cup-winning Southampton team?
  35. Wolverhampton Wanderers faced which team in the 1892-93 FA Cup final?
  36. Who was the opponent of Nottingham Forest in the 1897/98 FA Cup final?