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Watford FC – Basic Information to start the Quiz

Who Founded Watford FC?

Watford FC were founded by Henry Grover in 1881. The club were originally known as Watford Rovers and Grover was one of their early players in a completely amateur team. The club were based in the town and they became known simply as Watford Football Club from 1898 onwards.

Who is the biggest rival of Watford?

Watford’s biggest rivals are Luton Town FC. The two teams have been rivals since the early days of their respective formations in the late 19th century. Watford are based in Hertfordshire and, because there are no other major teams in the county, Luton are considered to be their closest rivals.

Why are Watford FC called the Hornets?

In 1959 when Watford changed their team colours, the fans were asked to choose a new nickname. Because those new colours were yellow and red, the supporters settled on the hornets after the flying insect. A hornet also appeared briefly on the club badge.

What Animal is on the Watford FC badge?

The animal that is currently on the badge of Watford Football Club is a red, male fallow deer. The stag emblem is now used because the club is based in the county of Hertfordshire. There are many deer in the region and a stag also appears on the county’s coat of arms.

Latest Watford FC Trivia Questions

  1. Before Watford, which club did Argentine professional footballer Ignacio Pussetto belong to?
  2. How many times has Watford been relegated from the Premier League up to 2023?
  3. In the M1 derby, who is Watford competing against?
  4. In which city is Watford FC located?
  5. In which season did Watford FC achieve their highest-ever finish in the Second Division (now EFL Championship)?
  6. In which season did Watford achieve their highest-ever Premier League finish?
  7. In which season did Watford achieve their highest-ever finish in the English Football League (EFL) Championship?
  8. To whom did Watford transfer Les Taylor for a fee of €24k?
  9. Watford signed Tommy Mooney in 1994, but from which club?
  10. What animal is on the Watford FC badge?
  11. What is Watford FC’s nickname?
  12. What is the Watford entrance song?
  13. What is the capacity of the Watford stadium?
  14. What is the commonly used nickname for Watford?
  15. What is the name of Watford stadium?
  16. What is the name of the derby between Luton Town and Watford?
  17. What league position did Watford finish in the 2018-19 PL season?
  18. What was Watford’s biggest loss?
  19. What was the name of the former home ground of Watford FC before they moved to Vicarage Road?
  20. What year did Watford first participate in European competition?
  21. What year was Watford FC founded?
  22. When Peter Kennedy scored, which team was the victim of Watford’s first Premier League goal?
  23. When did Watford change their blue and white kit colours to gold and black colour scheme?
  24. Which Watford player famously scored a hat-trick in a 1-5 victory against Cardiff City in the 2018-19 Premier League season?
  25. Which Watford player has the most caps?
  26. Which Watford player won the Premier League Player of the Month award in 2015?
  27. Which club acquired Luther Blissett from Watford in 1983?
  28. Which manager led Watford to the Premier League for the first time in the 1999/2000 season?
  29. Which player netted the highest number of goals for Watford?
  30. Who founded Watford FC?
  31. Who has not managed Watford?
  32. Who is the biggest rival of Watford?
  33. Who was Watford’ opponent in the 2018-19 FA Cup final?
  34. Who was the manager of Watford when they finished 14th in the Premier League in the 2017/18 season?
  35. Who was the manager of Watford when they reached the FA Cup semifinals in the 2015/16 season?
  36. Who was the top goal scorer for Watford in the ‘2018-19 Premier League season’?
  37. Who was the top scorer for Watford during their 2021/22 Premier League campaign?