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FAQ of Paul Scholes

How many games did Paul Scholes play for Man Utd?

Paul Scholes made a total of 718 appearances for Manchester United. 499 of those games came in the Premier League between his debut in 1994 and his final game in 2013. Scholes also played in 219 additional games across domestic cups and European competitions.

How many Premier League assists did Paul Scholes have?

Paul Scholes made 60 assists in those 499 Premier League games. That return puts him in the top 30 of all time EPL assists. Those figures come from his two spells with Manchester United between 1993 to 2011 and, after an initial retirement, he returned between 2012 and 2013.

How many Premier League titles has Scholes won?

Paul Scholes won 11 Premier League titles in his playing career. He was at the heart of the Manchester United team that dominated the division in its early days, and Scholes played a major role. His first Premier League medal came in the 1995/96 season, and his last was won in 2012/13.

Paul Scholes Quiz Questions Listed

  • During the 1998-1999 season, Paul Scholes scored a hat-trick in a PL match. Against which team did he achieve this feat?
  • How many Premier League titles did Scholes win with Manchester United during his career?
  • How many UEFA Champions League titles did Paul Scholes win?
  • How many goals did Paul Scholes score for Manchester United?
  • How many Premier League hat-tricks did Scholes score?
  • How many international goals did Paul Scholes score for the England national team during his career?
  • How many times did Paul Scholes win the FA Cup with Manchester United during his career?
  • In the UEFA Euro 2000, Scholes scored a memorable goal for England in a group stage match. Who was the opponent in that match?
  • In which World Cup did Paul Scholes score his first and only goal for England?
  • In which year did Scholes make his first-team debut for Manchester United?
  • In which year did Scholes make his senior international debut for England?
  • Paul Scholes briefly retired from professional football but later returned to play for Manchester United. In which year did he come out of retirement?
  • Paul Scholes made his 700th appearance for Manchester United in a Premier League match against which team?
  • What is his highest goal-scoring season for Manchester United in the Premier League?
  • What is Paul Scholes’ total number of appearances in all competitions for Manchester United?
  • What nickname was often associated with Scholes?
  • What was Paul Scholes’ preferred position on the field during his Manchester United career?