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FAQ of Old Trafford

When was Old Trafford built?

Construction of the Old Trafford football stadium began in 1909, and the ground was opened in 1910. Significant renovation work has been carried out at various stages in the years that have followed, and the most recent of these was completed in 2006.

Who owns Old Trafford?

Technically, the owners of the Old Trafford stadium are the Glazer family, who are currently the owners of Manchester United Football Club. Reports also state that it was written into an agreement that the Manchester United Supporters Trust have certain rights if the ground is ever sold on.

What is the capacity of Old Trafford?

The current, official capacity of the Old Trafford stadium is 74,310. While the original design of Old Trafford allowed for up to 100,000 to attend, there have been renovations over the years with safety at the forefront. Following upgrades in 2006, that capacity limit of 74,310 was set.

How far is Old Trafford from the Etihad?

A distance of around 4.2 miles separates Manchester United’s Old Trafford Stadium from Manchester City’s Etihad ground. The Old Trafford ground is closer to Manchester city centre, while the Etihad is located in the south of Manchester, in Ashton New Road.

What is the biggest attendance at Old Trafford?

The record attendance for a match at Old Trafford is 76,962. This was for an FA Cup semi final played between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town on March 25th 1939. With the capacity of Old Trafford now reduced to 74,310, this record is unlikely to ever be broken.

Old Trafford Quiz Questions

  1. Old Trafford was damaged during World War II. When did it reopen for football matches after the war?
  2. What is the capacity of Old Trafford?
  3. What is the capacity of the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand at Old Trafford?
  4. What is the name of the stand at Old Trafford that is traditionally reserved for Manchester United‘s most passionate supporters?
  5. What is the nickname often used to refer to Old Trafford?
  6. When was Old Trafford Stadium officially opened?
  7. Which famous player scored a double for Manchester United in the 1968 European Cup Final at Old Trafford?
  8. Who was the first player to score a hat-trick at Old Trafford in the Premier League era?