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Peter Schmeichel

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FAQ of Peter Schmeichel

How many saves does Peter Schmeichel have in the Premier League?

Peter Schmeichel made 943 saves in his Premier League career during spells with Manchester United, Aston Villa and Manchester City. It’s an impressive return that puts him among the top ten goalkeepers in Premier League history in terms of saves made.

How many clean sheets does Peter Schmeichel have in the Premier League?

Across those spells with three English clubs, Peter Schmeichel recorded 127 Premier League clean sheets. Using figures up to and including the start of the 2023/24 EPL season, this puts Schmeichel in 11th place on the all time list, just behind Tim Howard and Brad Friedel with 132 clean sheets each.

How many goals did Peter Schmeichel score?

Peter Schmeichel scored 11 goals in his career which is a remarkable achievement for a goalkeeper. Included in that list is one goal in the UEFA Cup for Manchester United and one in the Premier League which he scored while playing for Aston Villa in the 2001/02 EPL season.

Peter Schmeichel Quiz Questions Listed

  1. Approximately how many appearances did Peter Schmeichel make in all competitions during his Manchester United career?
  2. During his Aston Villa career, Schmeichel became the first goalkeeper to score a Premier League goal. Who was the opposing team when he scored this goal?
  3. During his Manchester United career, Schmeichel won the Premier League title multiple times. How many Premier League titles did he win with the club?
  4. During his time at Manchester United, Peter Schmeichel won the UEFA Champions League in which year?
  5. Peter Schmeichel left Manchester United in 1999. Which club did he join after leaving Manchester United?
  6. Peter Schmeichel was the captain of the Danish national team during his career. How many international caps did he earn for Denmark?
  7. What was Peter Schmeichel’s nickname during his time at Manchester United?
  8. What year did Peter Schmeichel join Manchester United?