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FAQ of St Mirren FC

What was St Mirren's best position in the league?

St Mirren FC have never won the Scottish Championship, and their highest ever league position is third place. The club has achieved this on two previous occasions – firstly at the end of the 1892-93 season, and they finished in third place again in 1979/80.

How many trophies has St Mirren won?

St Mirren have won four major trophies across their history. The club has won the Scottish Cup on three occasions, in 1926, 1959 and 1987. St Mirren’s most recent honour came in the 2012/13 campaign when they won the Scottish League Cup, defeating Hearts in the final.

How did St Mirren get their name?

St Mirren are based in the Paisley district of Glasgow and they get their name from Saint Mirin. Also known as the Mirren of Benchnor, Saint Mirren is the patron saint of the town of Paisley and was also the founder of a church at the nearby site of Paisley Abbey.

List of St Mirren Trivia Questions

  1. Who was the manager when St Mirren FC won their first Scottish League Cup?
  2. Which player holds the record for the most competitive appearances for St Mirren FC?
  3. What is the record attendance for a St Mirren FC home match?
  4. In which season did St Mirren FC first win promotion to the Scottish Premiership?
  5. How many times has St Mirren FC won the Scottish League Cup?
  6. Which team did St Mirren defeat to win the Scottish League Cup in 2013?
  7. Who is the first manager in St Mirren FC’s history?
  8. Who is the longest-serving manager in St Mirren FC’s history?
  9. What was St Mirren’s highest league finish in the Scottish Premiership?
  10. In which stadium do St Mirren FC play their home matches?
  11. Which player holds the record for scoring the most goals in the history of St Mirren FC?
  12. What was the year when St Mirren won the Scottish Cup for the second time?
  13. Which year did St Mirren win the Scottish Cup for the first time?
  14. What is the commonly used nickname for St Mirren FC?
  15. Could you provide the establishment date of St Mirren FC?