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FAQ of Aberdeen FC

When was Aberdeen FC founded?

Aberdeen Football Club was founded in April 1903. The formation came about following a merger of three clubs in the city. Victoria United, Orion, and a former club known as Aberdeen, came together and the new Aberdeen Football Club was founded in 1903.

What European trophies have Aberdeen won?

Aberdeen FC have won two European trophies in their history. The club famously won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983, beating Real Madrid. That victory meant that Aberdeen qualified for the UEFA Super Cup in 1983, and they won that trophy, beating SV Hamburg.

Who owns Aberdeen FC?

The current owner and chairman of Aberdeen FC is Dave Cormack. He’s a Scottish businessman who founded several software companies. Cormack first became involved in Aberdeen in 2000, and was elevated to the position of chairman of the football club in 2019.

List of Aberdeen FC Quiz Questions

  1. Aberdeen FC’s longest-serving manager in terms of years is:
  2. In which European city did Aberdeen FC win the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1983?
  3. In which season did Aberdeen FC first win the Scottish Cup?
  4. What is the nickname of Aberdeen FC?
  5. Which Aberdeen FC player won the PFA Scotland Players’ Player of the Year award in the 1989–90 season?
  6. Which player holds the record for the most appearances in an Aberdeen FC shirt?
  7. Which stadium is the home ground of Aberdeen FC?
  8. Which year was Aberdeen FC founded?
  9. Who holds the record for the most goals in a single season for Aberdeen FC in the Scottish top flight?
  10. Who is Aberdeen FC’s all-time top scorer?
  11. Who is known as the “King of the Beach End” and was a legendary figure for Aberdeen FC?
  12. Who managed Aberdeen FC during their successful period in the 1980s, including the European triumphs?