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Who founded Glasgow Rangers?

Glasgow Rangers were formed by four founding members. The men in question were Moses McNeil, his brother Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell and William McBeath. The four in question were all footballers and were looking to establish a new team in the Glasgow area.

When was Glasgow Rangers formed?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club was formed in March 1872, and they are the fourth oldest association club in Scotland. Their first game came in May of the same year against Callander. The match was played in Glasgow Green Park and it ended in a goalless draw.

Where did Glasgow Rangers get their name from?

One of the club’s founding members, Moses McNeill, saw the name Swindon Rangers in a book about English rugby teams. He felt that the name would be a good fit for the new football club. The other members agreed, and the team was called Glasgow Rangers from that point.

Why are Glasgow Rangers called the Teddy Bears?

The nickname Teddy Bears comes from cockney rhyming slang. If the word ‘bears’ is spoken with a Glasgow accent, it sounds like ‘bers’ which rhymes with ‘Gers’ – a shortened form of Rangers. It’s said that the nickname has been used from the 1970s onwards.

How many Trebles have Glasgow Rangers won?

In Scotland, the domestic treble consists of the Championship, the Scottish Cup and the Scottish League Cup. As of 2024, Rangers have won seven domestic trebles. The most recent of these at the time of writing came under manager Alex McLeish in 2003.

Who owns Glasgow Rangers football club?

The official owners of Glasgow Rangers are the Rangers Football Club Ltd. The company has been involved since 2012 after the club entered administration. Initially, when they took over, they were known as Sevco Scotland Ltd, before changing their name to Rangers Football Club Ltd.

List of the Glasgow Rangers Trivia Questions

  1. In which year was Glasgow Rangers Football Club founded?
  2. What is the nickname of Glasgow Rangers?
  3. Which stadium is the home ground of Glasgow Rangers?
  4. Who is the all-time leading goal scorer for Glasgow Rangers?
  5. In which season did Glasgow Rangers win the treble last time?
  6. Who is the manager who won 10 League titles, 5 Scottish Cups, and 6 League Cups for Glasgow Rangers?
  7. Which player holds the record for the most appearances in a Glasgow Rangers shirt?
  8. In which year did Glasgow Rangers win the European Cup Winners’ Cup?
  9. What is the record for the most points earned by Glasgow Rangers in a single Scottish Premiership season?
  10. Who is Glasgow Rangers’ fiercest rival in the Old Firm derby?
  11. Which manager led Glasgow Rangers to their historic domestic treble in the 2002-03 season?
  12. What is the name of the iconic fan section at Ibrox Stadium known for its passionate support?
  13. Which player won the PFA Scotland Players’ Player of the Year while playing for Glasgow Rangers in the 2018-19 season?
  14. Who is the youngest goal-scorer in the history of Glasgow Rangers?
  15. In which year did Glasgow Rangers win the Scottish League Cup for the first time?
  16. Which goalkeeper holds the record for the most clean sheets in a single Scottish Premiership season for Glasgow Rangers?