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What is the Highest League Position Ever Held by Bristol Rovers?

Bristol Rovers have finished in sixth place in the second tier of English football on two previous occasions. These positions were achieved at the end of the 1955/56 and 1958/59 seasons. To date, these are the highest league positions ever held by the football club..

Why are they Called Bristol Rovers?

Clubs tend to be called ‘Rovers’ or ‘Rangers’ because they had no fixed grounds in their earlier days. In the case of Bristol Rovers, there had already been a club called ‘city’ so Rovers seemed appropriate. They changed their name from Bristol Eastville Rovers to Bristol Rovers in 1899.

Why do Bristol Rovers have a Pirate Logo?

The club’s official nickname is The Pirates and a pirate figure has traditionally always appeared on the Bristol Rovers badge. The name relates to the history of the Bristol area and, in particular, its maritime past where press-ganging and pirates were prevalent in the city.

Have Bristol Rovers Ever Won a Trophy?

Bristol Rovers won the title in the third tier of English football on two occasions. Those successes came in 1952/1953 and 1989/1990. Rovers won the Southern League at the end of the 1904/05 season, and they also claimed the Third Division South Cup in 1935.

Why do Bristol Rovers sing Goodnight Irene?

This remains a popular song on the terraces and there are different versions as to how it came about. The suggestion that most people agree on centres around a game against Plymouth Argyle in 1950. Rovers were winning the match and sung the song to taunt fans of the opposing team.

List of the Quiz Questions about Bristol Rovers FC

  1. Against which side did Sergi Canós break the deadlock for Bristol Rovers’s maiden Premier League goal in 2021/22?
  2. Bristol Rovers’ first match ever in 1883 was played against whom?
  3. From 2005 to 2010, who managed Bristol Rovers?
  4. What are the colors of Bristol Rovers home kit?
  5. What is the capacity of the Bristol Rovers stadium?
  6. What is the commonly used nickname for Bristol Rovers?
  7. What is the highest league position ever held by Bristol Rovers?
  8. What is the name of Bristol Rovers mascot?
  9. Which player netted the highest number of goals for Bristol Rovers?
  10. What is the stadium of Bristol Rovers?
  11. What was Bristol Rovers’s biggest loss?
  12. When was Bristol Rovers founded?
  13. Which Bristol Rovers player has the most caps?
  14. Who has not managed Bristol Rovers?