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FAQ of Bournemouth

Who owns Bournemouth FC?

AFC Bournemouth football club are currently owned by Turquoise Bidco Limited. The organisation are 100% shareholders of the club and they are controlled by William Foley II. Foley and his company replaced the former owner Maxim Demin at the end of 2022.

What is the nickname of Bournemouth FC?

The official nickname of Bournemouth Football Club is The Cherries. This could be for two reasons. One theory is that the name derives from the cherry red shirts that the team wear, while another suggestion is that the club’s former Dean Court ground was built next to a cherry orchard.

What is Bournemouth FC’s badge?

The current Bournemouth badge features a player’s head and a ball. It’s a computer generated image, and it’s said that the man in the picture is Dicky Dowsett who played for the club between 1957 and 1962 and later became the commercial manager at Bournemouth.

What is Bournemouth’s mascot?

Bournemouth Football Club’s current mascot is known as Cherry Bear. The figure is a large teddy bear who wears the classic red and black striped kit that is synonymous with the club. Cherry Bear is also one of the longest serving mascots in English football.

Who are Bournemouth’s rivals?

Bournemouth’s main rivals are Southampton, who are close to the club geographically. Other teams on the south coast such as Portsmouth and Brighton and Hove Albion are also considered to be rivals. Bournemouth also have a rivalry with Reading Football Club.

What is AFC Bournemouth’s biggest league win?

Bournemouth’s biggest league win was a 7-0 victory against Swindon Town in 1956. This was a Division Three South game played on September 22nd. Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic, as they were called, finished in fifth place in that season, while Swindon were second from bottom.

A.F.C. Bournemouth Trivia Questions

  1. Bournemouth finished the 2021-22 Championship season in 2nd place. How many points were they behind the winner Fulham?
  2. From 1914 to 1923, who was the first manager at Bournemouth?
  3. From 1994 to 2000, who managed Bournemouth?
  4. How many times has Bournemouth won the EFL Championship?
  5. To whom did Bournemouth transfer Arnaut Danjuma for a fee of €23.50 million?
  6. To whom did Bournemouth transfer Nathan Aké for a fee of €45.30 million?
  7. What is the commonly used nickname for Bournemouth?
  8. When did Bournemouth win the EFL Championship?
  9. When was Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium built?
  10. Which of the following statement about Bournemouth is true?