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FAQ of Stoke City

When was Stoke City founded?

Stoke City were officially founded in 1868. This was the year that the club played their first recorded match as Stoke Ramblers FC. There is a suggestion that football was played in Stoke from 1863, but it’s generally accepted that 1868 is the official formation year.

How many trophies have Stoke City won?

Stoke City have won eight major trophies in their history. The club’s biggest success came in 1972 when they beat Chelsea 2-1 to win the League Cup. Other trophies have come in the Second Division Championship (2), Third Division Championship (2), FL Trophy (2) and Watney Cup.

What is Stoke City FC's nickname?

Stoke City’s official nickname is ‘The Potters’. This is because of the vast pottery industry that grew up around the Stoke-on-Trent area and was still in place when the club was founded in the late 1800s. They can sometimes be referred to as ‘City’ but The Potters is the official nickname.

Why do Stoke City fans sing Delilah?

There is more than one theory as to how this happened. The most popular story suggests that the song Delilah was put on a juke box by travelling Stoke fans in 1987, and they simply carried on singing it. Conflicting reports suggest that Delilah has been sung since the 1970s.

Stoke City Quiz Questions

  1. In the 2007-08 Championship season, Stoke City ended up as the runners-up. How many points were they behind Fulham, the eventual winners?
  2. In the 2010-11 FA Cup final, which team faced Stoke City as their opponent?
  3. In the FA Cup’s history, how many times have Stoke City claimed victory?
  4. Reading acquired Thomas Ince from Stoke City in 2022. Which country did he play for?
  5. The highest attendance in any Stoke City match was in 1937 with official number 51 130. Who was the opponent?
  6. What is Stoke City record League defeat over Preston North End in 1889?
  7. What is Stoke City’s record FA Cup victory over Stourbridge in 1914?
  8. What is Stoke City’s record league victory over West Bromwich Albion in 1937?
  9. What is the number of times Stoke City have won the Championship?
  10. What is the record FA Cup defeat Stoke City has experienced?
  11. What year did Stoke City win the last EFL Championship?