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Kun Agüero

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Sergio Agüero Quiz Questions

  1. Agüero announced his departure from Manchester City in 2021 to join which club?
  2. Sergio Agüero won his first Premier League title with Manchester City in which season?
  3. Agüero became Manchester City’s all-time leading goal scorer during which season?
  4. In which season did Sergio Agüero win the Premier League Golden Boot award for being the top goal scorer in the league?
  5. Agüero holds the record for the most goals scored in a single Premier League match. How many goals did he score in that particular game?
  6. Agüero scored a dramatic last-minute goal to win the PL title in the 2011–2012 season. Who were Manchester City playing against?
  7. In the 2015-16 season, Sergio Agüero was Manchester City’s top goal scorer. Which national side did he represent?
  8. What is Sergio Agüero’s nickname, which is often used by fans and teammates?
  9. Sergio Agüero joined Manchester City from which club in July 2011?
  10. Agüero scored his first international goal for the Argentine national team against which country?
  11. In the 2019-2020 season, Agüero surpassed Alan Shearer’s record for the most Premier League hat-tricks. How many hat-tricks did he score to achieve this feat?
  12. In a 2015 Copa America match against Bolivia, Sergio Agüero scored three goals in just how many minutes to complete a quick hat-trick?
  13. Which European club signed Sergio Agüero from Atletico Madrid in July 2011?
  14. Sergio Agüero made his debut for the senior Argentine national team in 2006. Against which country did he make his first appearance?
  15. In which year did Agüero represent Argentina in the FIFA U20 World Cup and played a key role in helping them win the tournament?
  16. At what age did Sergio Agüero make his debut in the first team of Independiente and become the youngest player to debut in the Argentine first division?
  17. Sergio Agüero won his first Premier League title with Manchester City in which season?

FAQ of Sergio Agüero

Why is Sergio Aguero called Kun?

Sergio Aguero is widely known by the nickname ‘Kun’. He explained that he coined this name himself from a Japanese cartoon character. The character was called Kum Kum, but Aguero shortened this to Kun, and he claims that he has a resemblance to the original cartoon figure.

How much did Manchester City pay for Aguero?

When Manchester City signed Sergio Aguero from Atletico Madrid in 2011, the transfer fee was reported to be ‘in the region of £38 million GBP.’ He arrived at the Etihad Stadium and signed a five-year contract with his new club. At the time, this was a record transfer fee for Manchester City.

Why Sergio Aguero left Manchester City?

Due to a series of injuries and absences, Manchester City decided not to renew Sergio Aguero’s contract at the end of the 2020/21 season. Those injuries meant that the striker played in just 12 league games and 20 matches overall, and he subsequently signed for Barcelona.

Why did Aguero retire?

Sergio Aguero unfortunately had to retire due to a heart condition. After playing just five games for his new club Barcelona, the player was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia in 2021. It was reported initially that Aguero would be out of action for three months, but he retired on doctors’ advice.