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FAQ of Dundee FC

Have Dundee FC ever won the league?

Dundee FC have won Scotland’s top flight league title on one occasion. The club won the title at the end of the 1961/62 season when they finished three points clear of second placed Rangers. Dundee have also been runners up in the league on four separate occasions.

Dundee FC Trivia Questions Listed

  1. Which manager led Dundee FC to their Scottish League title win in 1962?
  2. In which year did Dundee FC win their only Scottish League title?
  3. In which year did Dundee FC win their first Scottish Cup?
  4. How many Scottish League Cup titles has Dundee FC won in its history?
  5. Which club is considered Dundee FC’s main rival?
  6. Which stadium is Dundee FC’s home ground?
  7. Which player holds the record for the most appearances for Dundee FC?
  8. What is the nickname of Dundee FC?
  9. What is the founding date of Dundee FC?